Jilphar Living Room Chair JP1285 Customize


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Introducing the Jilphar Furniture Customize Wooden Living Room Dining Chair – JP1285 is a beautifully designed and customizable chair that combines the warmth of wood with the comfort of a dining chair. It is meticulously crafted to bring both style and functionality to your living room or dining area.

Stylish and contemporary dining chair

Crafted by Jilphar Furniture

Features a sturdy wooden frame for durability

Modern design that complements various dining room styles

Comfortable seating for enjoyable dining experiences

Sleek and streamlined silhouette

High-quality construction for long-lasting use

Versatile chair suitable for both formal and casual dining settings

Adds a touch of natural beauty to your dining area

Easy to clean and maintain

Seating Height: 38cm

Seat Width: 58cm

Back Height: 69cm

Brand: Jilphar Furniture